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Heidi Maurer, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

“How to make sure you get your key message across in a clear, concise and engaging manner– this was the key focus of this intense and highly useful media training. In practical exercises we applied what we first discussed, what allowed me to internalise the main tips and tricks. A highly recommendable training for anyone who is going to engage with a wider audience!”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

Pietro Bonizzi, Assistant Professor, Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences

“I found the Media Training very interesting and useful. The training went beyond my expectations. It focused not only on how to present ourselves in front of a camera, but also on the importance of having a key message. I really appreciate all the feedback and the tips that Marcel gave us on how to stay in control of the situation, and handle tricky questions. Highly recommended.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

Maartje Willeboordse, Postdoctoral researcher, Maastricht University, Family Medicine

“The training made me aware of the importance of formulating a concise key message. The hands-on practice in front of the camera learned me how to keep control during an interview, very useful! The skills you learn during this course are not only useful during media performances, but also in daily situations such as presentations and meetings.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

Jerry Spanakis, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Knowledge Engineering

“The media training made me really think out of the box and the academic environment. Marcel helped me to form clear messages about my research and at the same time pointed out all the important details of a statement and an interview using his valuable experience. His feedback and advice was really detailed and tailored to me. Most importantly, he made me aware of the little details that can really make the difference when preparing for an interview. Highly recommended, especially for those that do not smile on camera (like me)!”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

Ayokunu Adedokun, PhD Fellow, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance & United Nations University (UNU-MERIT)

“My experience participating in the media training for 2015 has been one that I will never forget. The training was absolutely impeccable. It was informative, educative and entertaining. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. The training equipped me with core media, presentation and communication skills. I thank the Academic Leadership Programme of UM for the invaluable experience. I would highly recommend the media training programme for anyone seeking to advance his or her communication and presentation skills.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

Kiran Patel, Professor of European and Global History and Head of the Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

“This media training was extremely helpful: focused on the things that really matter, on practicing being in front of a TV camera, and with very helpful feedback. Half a day well spent!”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

André Jeursen, Director Internship Office, School of Business and Economics

“Thanks for the training, not only of great value for handling with the media but also for general (sales)communication skills. Learned a lot, also from Kiran’s feedback. The fact that there were only two participants was also ideal for this kind of training.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme and the Young Researchers Academy UM)

Emilie Sitzia, Associate Professor Literature & Art, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

“As teachers we think we know how to communicate efficiently but the media training shows us how different this type of communication actually is. The training prepares us to overcome all the dangers and pitfalls of media communication, forces us to rethink our relationship with the media and teaches us the basics of media communication. The hands-on training (in the recording studio) was an eye-opener.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme UM)

Birgitte Hendrickx, Head UM SPORT

“With this media training, it only takes a few hours to learn the “do’s and don’ts”, from a theoretical concept to a practical approach. It provides you with educational and relevant information to apply before and during an interview.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme UM)

Gonny Willems, Head Department Knowledge Engineering, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences

“Ironically, it was by chance that I had my first media appearance an hour before the media training. This combination made for a very educational experience. During the training, Marcel taught me about the importance of good preparation. The importance of how to prepare your message was especially eye-opening. How to convey your story with enthusiasm, and not be too serious or timid, was also a good exercise. The training examples and exercises were extremely useful. You can tell that Marcel is a professional with journalistic and coaching experience. He’s also very flexible: he still had time for me at the last minute. He’s also very friendly. I even received feedback on the interview I had done earlier that day and which would be aired on TV that evening. All in all a very positive experience.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme UM)

Fransje Muijsken, Communications Officer at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences UM

“The media training was very useful! Even though I didn’t have to appear in front of the camera a lot, I received a lot of tips on how to help others with it. And the knowledge I acquired can also be applied in other areas. You are provided with useful tools and will start to think better and differently about your message.”

Otto Bekers, Professor of Clinical Chemistry FHML and Head Central Diagnostical Laboratory Maastricht UMC+

“The Media Training has taught me a lot, especially since you don’t realise that it’s easy to say or do something wrong in the eyes of the media. It’s definitely time well spent! You’ll realise that matters you know all too well can be difficult to explain in front of the camera. The tools handed to you in this relaxed atmosphere are very helpful and valuable. Thank you, Marcel.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme UM)

Annemarie Koster, Associate Professor Social Medicine, Member of the Maastricht Study Board

“The Media Training helped me to understand how to best prepare for a media appearance and to be aware of the tricky aspects. The training was an excellent opportunity for me to practice for an interview and how to get my message across in an effective manner. All in all, a very useful training that I recommend to my colleagues.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the UM Young Researchers Academy)

Thomas Post, Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business and Economics

“This training was spot on! Not only did I learn what to do in interviews, talk shows and the like in general, but to think carefully about my key message and focus. What do I want really want to say in the one minute that I have the audience’s attention (and how to keep the attention should I have more than one minute). Excellent!”
(This Media Training was made possible by the UM Young Researchers Academy)

Matty Wijenberg, Professor in Epidemiology, GROW School for Oncology and Developmental Biology

“This course had long been on my list and I decided to take it after a number of awkward experiences. I certainly learned a lot! Especially the exercises based on practical situations are most valuable. Every academic staff member should take this course in order to learn how to best prepare and take charge.”
(This Media Training was made possible by the Academic Leadership Programme UM)

Ron Jacobs, Projectmanager MBA Programme, School of Business and Economics

“TV appearances, interviews, pitches … The media world is a full-fledged sport with specific rules and guidelines that you should know and have mastered in order to convey your message and ultimately emerge victorious. And as is true for any sport: practice makes perfect. Thanks to the practical approach and direct feedback and reflection, this training has given me valuable tools that lay the foundation for a good media performance. Thank you, Marcel!”

Dominik Mahr, Assistant Professor, Department Marketing & Supply Chain Management, School of Business and Economics

“The training offers a very valuable practice for getting your message across different media formats and audiences. A cornerstone is the shared reflection with Marcel Schrijnemaekers of the own performance and instant re-try to implement the feedback and to improve. I very much recommend it.”

Jenny Slatman, Associate Professor, Department of Health, Ethics & Society, FHML

“The most important thing I learned from this training is that you have to stay in control when doing a media interview, and that you have to prepare your message thoroughly and make sure to bring it into the limelight. In essence, you shouldn’t be led by the interviewer’s questions.”

Gommert van Koeveringe, Urologist, Urology Department MUMC+

“Thank you for the material and the excellent training! I really appreciate it and I feel much better prepared now. More than an eye-opener: a mind-setter.”

Lisa van Brüggen, Associate Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management, School of Business & Economics

“For me, the main value of the media training was learning how to develop my core message and convey it effectively. What was great is that we didn’t just receive technical tips, but mostly practical training. Practising interviews helped tremendously in becoming more confident when dealing with the media and really showed me how I come across. These insights will definitely help me in the future as well.”

Paul Smeets, Assistant Professor in Finance, School of Business & Economics

“A real TV studio; that was the feeling I had when I walked into the room. I then started by giving interviews and developing clear messages. Marcel Schrijnemaekers and his colleagues are experts and very pleasant to work with. I am sure this training will prove helpful in any upcoming media appearances. I would definitely recommend it!”

Marc Schroeder, PhD Student, School of Business & Economics

“The media training has shown me in a direct and educational manner how people appear in the media. What emerged during the exercises was mainly the importance of thorough preparation and a clear message. This awareness is also vital in other situations in which transparent communication is involved. Since I am not in front of the camera every day, every experience is of added value. The accompanying tips I acquired will definitely be applied in the future.”

Philip Vergauwen, Professor and Dean, Maastricht University School of Business & Economics

“The media training provided by the Media Presentations Training Centre will help you deal with the media more consciously. It’s not so much the technical training, but rather the sharpening of your thinking about how a message comes across, what impact it has or could have, how you can be misunderstood, or how someone with a different mindset can completely misinterpret your message; it was mind-blowing. The interactive—sometimes playful—setting in which your fellow trainees offer feedback and you give feedback has also been a great experience.”

Meredith Bradt, Marketing & Communications Head, School of Business and Economics

“Participating in the media training offered me great insights into several areas relevant to my job. Hearing first-hand how journalists perceive what is “news” and learning about how they approach their own profession was very interesting and useful. The exercises, forcing us to create concise, clear messages in front of a camera, were challenging and also a bit unnerving, as we had to perform out of our comfort zone. However, I know the training will help me in similar real situations in the future. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the small group size was ideal. I would recommend this training to anyone who deals with the media in their jobs as well as general communication professionals, as it teaches the value and importance of truly communicating what you want.”

Esther Heuts, Surgeon, Department Surgery MUMC+

“I found the media training incredibly educational. It was organised carefully and professionally and had a clear outline and goal. The training provided great insight into the role of the media, but also insight into my own presentation. The discussion of the many pitfalls was helpful, but it was mostly the opportunities of media performances that changed my perception. The supervision by both professionals and the surrounding team was essential to this success.”

Ronit Sverdlov, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics MUMC+

“It was way beyond my expectations. Doing the training for the second time made practical application of the acquired knowledge easier for me. I feel more confident and better trained now. The skills I obtained are useful to me not only in relation to the media or science, but also in daily situations.”

Nicole Bouvy, Surgeon, Department Surgery MUMC+

“Healthcare competition is becoming increasingly fierce. It is therefore vital that each specialist or researcher at MUMC+ is able to convey his/her message with conviction. This course forces you to express this message concisely and clearly. The use of video recordings allows for the perfect reflection on your performance, in which there is always room for improvement! I would recommend this training to anyone.”

Georgi Verbeeck, Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

“No good media performance without experts. No good experts without media training.”

Elsemieke Hoet en Maron van der Krieken, Chair and Vice-Chair ‘Werkgroep Inkom 2014’

“Through this course, we learned about the most important aspects of dealing with the media in an interesting and fun way! After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression and response. It’s not only incredibly useful for the position we’re in now, but also for our entire future career.”

Assistant Professor, Maastricht University

“It’s important to share the information you acquire as a researcher with a broad audience, so that the practice can learn from your findings. This training teaches you how to do so effectively without losing scientific nuance.”

Professor, Maastricht University

“This training offers useful tips for presenting your own research to a broad audience. Very informative because of the practical exercises, feedback and direct application to your own research!”

Associate Professor, Maastricht University

“Many thanks again for the insightful and well organised media training session today. I feel I learned a lot and I can see so many more ways now in which an interview can be improved.”

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