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The Perfect Way to Prepare

Media Training Maastricht University_101Would you like to tell your story to the media or in a video recording (testimonial) in a confident manner? Media training and coaching is the perfect way to prepare for that. As a scientist, doctor/specialist, businessman, policymaker, director, manager, organiser, etc., the right preparation is essential for letting your voice be heard to the modern-day media world, whether it’s as an individual, or collectively as an institution, school, discipline or department.
Media training and individual media coaching is offered in both Dutch and English and is also accessible to participants outside of Maastricht University.

Insights from Psychology

The Media Presentations Training Centre is based in the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience and uses insights from psychology and neuroscience for media presentation training and coaching.
Media Trainer Marcel Schrijnemaekers is a former journalist and spokesperson of Maastricht University. He is an old hand at preparing and coaching for radio and television performances, as well as doing them. Schrijnemaekers himself took media training courses at Viktor Deconinck, Bob de Ronde Partners and Brain Box in the Netherlands, and at Brad Phillips in New York.

Our Offer of Media Training, Coaching and Lectures:

Media training and individual media coaching is offered per hour and period of the day, both in-house with the client and in the tv studio at Maastricht University. The dates and times be set in consultation.

  • Media Presentation Training for one period of the day for a maximum of 2 persons, NL-EN, 1 trainer.
  • Combination of camera exercises, practical examples and theory, focused on formulating content and presentation, how news media function.


  • Time: 09:00-13:00 hrs or 13:00-17:00 hrs
  • Language: depends on the participant’s preferences
  • Rate: € 595,- per participant; with two participants: € 450,- per participant (exclusive VAT for non UM/MUMC+)
  • Cancellation fee: 25 percent of the rate 10 working days prior to the training, 100 percent 5 days prior to the training

  • NEW: Media Interview Check – for a successful TV or video performance!
  • Have you been asked to feature in a TV interview or (company) video? Then be sure to do a Media Interview Check beforehand!
    In two hours, the Media Interview Check will equip you with the necessary skills to successfully perform for television or camera. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a public news program or an internal (company) video, the Media Interview Check focuses on the content of your message and the way in which you present it, both verbally and non-verbally. Exercises are video recorded and discussed afterwards. The Media Interview Check can be carried out at your company or at the UM. Costs are EUR 295,- (exclusive VAT for non UM/MUMC+).
    The Media Interview Check is offered continuously, if desired in the shortest possible time.
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    “For camera performances, be it on television or in a (company) video, it’s vital to strike exactly the right tone in clear terms and to adopt the right attitude from the very start. For the public, it’s literally the first few seconds that determine the difference between interested and bored, listening and looking away, credibility and disqualification, and between “too bad” and “I’ve accomplished my goal”. Your goal: you want to inform the public of relevant facts and consequences that are important to you. You want to put forward solutions to problems, or point out the benefits that can be obtained from your information, often in combination with a call for a certain kind of action. In any case, proper preparation is essential to reaching your goal through camera performance.

    Anyone who appears on TV or in a company video for an interview or a few statements should do the Media Interview Check. Within a relatively short time frame and for a low price, you will get maximum results. Guaranteed. These days, a lot of money and time is put into visual communication, including company and all other kinds of videos. I have found that the intended goal is not often achieved due to a lack of preparation in terms of content and presentation. This immediately shows during a broadcast or publication. It is often a reason for viewers to stop watching. The Media Interview Check offers an accessible and adequate solution to this problem.”

    Marcel Schrijnemaekers, Media Trainer at Media Presentations Training Centre


  • Media Presentation Training for two periods of the day for a maximum of 5 persons, NL-EN, 2 trainers.
  • Combination of camera exercises, practical examples and theory, focussed on formulating content and presentation. Specially suitable for departments, institutes, and schools for formulating and practising a
    corporate message. Giving a press conference as a group can be part of the training.
    Costs: request for quote.

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