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The Perfect Way to Prepare

Media Training Maastricht University_101Would you like to tell your story to the media or in a video recording (testimonial) in a confident manner? Media training and coaching is the perfect way to prepare for that. As a scientist, doctor/specialist, businessman, policymaker, director, manager, organiser, etc., the right preparation is essential for letting your voice be heard to the modern-day media world, whether it’s as an individual, or collectively as an institution, school, discipline or department.
Media training and individual media coaching is offered in both Dutch and English and is also accessible to participants outside of Maastricht University.

Insights from Psychology

The Media Presentations Training Centre is based in the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience and uses insights from psychology and neuroscience for media presentation training and coaching.
Media Trainer Marcel Schrijnemaekers is a former journalist and spokesperson of Maastricht University. He is an old hand at preparing and coaching for radio and television performances, as well as doing them. Schrijnemaekers himself took media training courses at Viktor Deconinck, Bob de Ronde Partners and Brain Box in the Netherlands, and at Brad Phillips in New York.

In 2020, the media training is only provided in Dutch; please see the Dutch page for more information.

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